Brush Buddies began in 2006 by surveying kids, parents and dental professionals asking how they felt about brushing their teeth and what they thought about their toothbrush. We were surprised to learn that most felt that ‘brushing was a boring, daily chore’ and that they ‘couldn’t remember the last time they replaced their toothbrush or brush head’. We knew what we had to do. Later in 2006, Brush Buddies launched our Talking line of toothbrushes with Bow-Wow Brewster as our first character; a talking toothbrush in the shape of an easy-to-hold puppy - one of the most popular pets for children. Bow-Wow Brewster instructs young brushers about proper brushing technique in a playful puppy voice while brushing for a full two minutes (the dentist recommended length of time to brush). Brushing had finally been made fun, even educational, as our characters were talking children through proper technique and length of time to brush. The following year, Brush Buddies introduced Poppin’ Toothbrushes – a separate line of five fun animal characters, with soft rubber heads that cover the toothbrush bristles. When the characters’ belly is pressed, its head gently pops-up as it expands in to the size of a child’s standard toothbrush. The Poppin’ line of toothbrushes continue to surprise and entertain people of all ages, whenever they see the brush pop-to-life with the press of its belly! Brush Buddies Standard Toothbrushes soon followed as an affordable, entry-level toothbrush line of three intricately designed and easy-to-hold animal characters for young brushers. In 2011, we rocked the oral care category by launching two Singing Toothbrushes that each played two chart-topping hit songs by Justin Bieber (for a full two minutes each) from high-quality on-board speakers on each brush. By early 2012, these two Justin Bieber Singing Toothbrushes became the #1 Licensed Manual Toothbrushes nationwide – outselling the combined total of all other 49 toothbrushes in the category! (52 weeks ending 3/17/2012 Dollar Sales, Total US Drug AC Nielsen) During 2012, Brush Buddies Singing Toothbrush line expanded to include additional songs by Justin Bieber, as well as new artists Lady Gaga, One Direction (worldwide excluding North America), LMFAO, Psy (“Gangnam Style”) and Keana – the winner of our Brush Buddies Worldwide Music Search which allowed fans to pick the next artist featured on our product! In 2013, Brush Buddies becomes the exclusive oral care partner with the blockbuster release of Smurf 2 The Movie – expected to be the biggest animated theatrical release this summer. Our intricately designed Smurfs® Talking, Poppin’ and Standard lines of toothbrushes bring Papa Smurf and Smurfette to life in the hands of children! Brushing becomes fashionable for the first time with our new line of Brush Buddies Bling! – a dazzling array of six colorful toothbrushes, each featuring hundreds of jewels individually embedded onto the handle by skilled designers. Our patent pending glueless technology provides a secure and sanitary bond with each jewel while allowing it to radiate with maximum brilliance. Brush Buddies launches SoniClean as the worlds’ most affordable sonic cleaning toothbrush. This product is the first to include four specially designed brush heads (Whitening, Sensitive Teeth, Adults and Kids) and an Ultra Violet Sanitizer that cleans all four brush heads stored between uses. The holidays will be extra special this year with Brush Buddies newest product – Brite Beatz, the world’s first synchronized music and light show within a toothbrush. Join us, as we continue to “make brushing fun!”

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