At Giggles Baby, we make it our mission to really listen to our customers and understand what they need. This is why we establish our Community Advocate roles to help us to become our eyes & ears (and our mouth) also and having them working with the local communities directly. Being a Community Advocate will not only give you a chance to work with many people, but you also often get “goodies” from us to make sure you get a chance to feel and try products from various international brands so you can share your experience to the masses.

Here is a list of things we expect you will do when becoming our Community Advocate:

  • Build positive rapport with your local community

  • Engage the mothers at your local community to advocate Giggles Baby and its products and services

  • Actively listen to the feedback from your local community on the Giggles Brands and report back to HQ

  • Actively find out the needs from mothers at your local community and feedback to HQ

  • Try new products from Giggles Baby’s affiliated brands and comment on your experience and advocate the positive experience to the community

  • Make ad-hoc visits to Giggles Baby and sit down to discuss situation on the ground.

  • Proactively provide suggestions to us on how to make the experience better for you and your community

The Perks

Being a Community Advocate, you get access to these amazing benefits from Giggles Baby:

  • Your personal discount code for purchasing items for your children at Giggles Baby
  • Get commission from purchases for referrals from you.
  • Regularly receive a series of product trials specially for you.
  • Dedicated community leader that you can communicate with on your ongoing matters and feedback
  • and more…