Merries – Small Sized Diapers, 82Pcs

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No.1 by brand in Japan Baby Diaper market in term of Sales Value share for Tape and Pants diapers, based on research SRI data of INTAGE Inc., Japan., (Jan. 2007 to Dec. 2016).

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Recommended weight: 4-8 kg

Pieces: 82

Long-lasting dryness

  1. First layer:

Breathable material that is gentle on the skin: Light airy wavy mesh. The mesh reduces the skin contact area by half, expelling moisture and stuffiness through the gaps between the diaper and skin.

  1. Second layer:

Air passes through the absorbent layer; Pee is absorbed while moisture passes through

  1. Third layer:

The entire sheet is breathable, drawing away the moisture and heat from pee. Protects skin from moisture and heat which can cause diaper rash

So many smart features!

  • Cute Merries bunnies designs: Soft and gentle like underwear! Cute pastel colors and a stylish textile design that brings a smile every day. The bunnies’ designs changes with each diaper size. There are four different designs with one design in each pack.
  • Soft Reusable Magic Seal: The corners are rounded and made of a soft material that is gentle and does not scratch the baby’s skin. And the reusable seal is so convenient!
  • Color-changing wetness indicators: When the strips change color to dark green, it is time to change the diaper! There’s no design around the strips, making it easy to see when the color changes.
  • Side gathers to prevent leakage: The wavy Surface traps and holds poo! there are 2 side gathers that prevent leakage
  • Lasts all night: Moisture is drawn away from the skin and into the diaper.
  • Soft & gentle: Breathable material: Light airy wavy mesh



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Weight2000 g
Dimensions45 × 45 × 15 cm


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