The Giggles Baby Story

The journey of Giggles Baby started from a small office in Hong Kong…

There was a team of 3 dads who worked hard everyday at office and had little time for their family, it is because of this crazy lifestyle making these dads to think of doing something special together… it is when the eureka happened! They realise Hong Kong parents spends so much time at work and during the weekends they have so much to do – make their “quality time” with their family become so little and it’s unhealthy for any family relationships.

Their answer to this question is simple – why not have a service that has more personal touch to help parents not to waste time on many mundane things. So these dads started Giggles Baby and pave its way to this Baby Servicing Industry.

While the team though of many important aspect of the business, but it was this comment that set the tone of our business:

Let’s don’t forget these things are for children – not ours but someone’s kid. We cannot get those cheap knock-off and put into our store to see. It is a responsibility and commitment we must keep if we are doing this!

With the commitment towards quality and genuineness of the items they sell. Our team ventures out to different parts of the world sourcing not only the safest but also eco-friendly brands to showcase on Giggles Baby, knowing the environment is as important as our child as this is what they all inherit from us as parents.

Quality, Genuineness, and Trust

We believe these 3 values are what we expect of ourselves and what all parents expects of us, and it is our promise we uphold to all customers that decide to purchase via Giggles Baby